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What We Do

Key Areas of Service

We adopt a systematic and straightforward approach with every program of work we undertake. The effectiveness of our systematic and results-focused approach is reflected in our many long-term client relationships.

As a result we offer a wide range 360 degrees Human Resource Management consultancy and training. Even though there are many sub activities that are done in HRM consultancy our services can be divided into 5 areas.

At MK Consult we will manage all your HR needs, including policy and procedure development, employee relations, compensation and performance systems,...

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Human Resource Management (HRM) comprises the set of processes that are undertaken in organizations with the purpose of co-coordinating, supporting...

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It goes without saying that ensuring your organization has the very best human resources is fundamental to achieving your business goals - achieving...

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A High Performance Team Building Program is effective because it takes participants out of their regular work routines and immerses them in a rich and...

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At MK Consult, we understand that every client’s needs are different. So we examine every challenge from every angle. We look at things through...

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