HR & Administrative Support

At MK Consult we will manage all your HR needs, including policy and procedure development, employee relations, compensation and performance systems, unemployment, workers comp and discrimination issues, training and employee/ management development and a host of other HR functions.

We perform these services on a completely transparent basis as your company’s HR department for less cost than an internally established function. This therefore shifts your focus on your core business while significantly reducing your labor costs related to internal HR management expenses.

At MK Consult, we firmly believe that the activities of HRM play a critical role in determining superior organizational performance.

Our solutions helps to ensure your employees are performing at their best by maximizing your company’s efficiency and create a positive and productive culture for all employees by:

  • Acting as your HR manager - working with you to develop policies and procedures, employee relations and training programs
  • Supporting your existing HR department in offering competitive, professional and cost effective services to all employees
  • Helping day to day in application, execution and administration of HR programs and systems

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